The Story of the Adabeth Floral Calendar

For over 10 years, my grandmother, Adabeth, found joy in painting flowers, eventually creating a calendar. From hobby to selling at art shows, she provided a calendar for people to enjoy for the whole year. 
After her going home in 2016, it was just natural for me to take over as I am the artist in the family. I made sure to transition from her work into mine, respecting her and her efforts, which took about 2 years. 
As of 2018, the calendars have been fully my work, hoping to keep her legacy alive. 
I thank you for your support and know when you purchase a calendar, the proceeds go to a respectable cause. 
Causes through the years:
2018-A family struggling financially
2019- Friends struggling financially
2020-West Pasco Art Guild
The last calendar she painted for 2015:
Photos on their way!
Her calendar reused for 2016:
Photos on their way!
A touch of me in her calendar to ease the transition in 2017:
Photos on their way!
All my work with honor to her, by leaving her name on the calendar, also my middle name for 2018:
A new direction of my work for 2019:
Photos of the calendar on their way!
Back to the simple watercolors she started with for 2020:
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