Welcome to Jenny Coffman Studio. A studio of four brands bringing art to many canvas'.

Hey there, I am Jenny, the artist working in the studio. Here in my studio, I am busy creating artwork in many mediums, from paper to shower curtains, using my love of flowers, vintage & patterns to bring them to life. I first draw a collection, I then place them on products that suit the image. I also offer wholesale to retailers looking for new brands. Want to work with us? We'd love to hear from you. Enjoy!

Cactus in Watercolor

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Our newest brand: Glass House Notes

Having a love for nature & botanicals, I started my new brand to share my passion of the two with you. These pieces are inspired by flower farmers and greenhouses that we have visited. They can be framed, hung or attached to a vase of flowers as a gift. Enjoy!

Artski & Hush (Most popular brand)

The digital age has become a great tool for artists to get their work out into the world. I love seeing my art on home goods. This is my most popular and accessible brand. It reaches the most retailers. It also has over 500 products including notebooks, tote bags, shower curtains, file folders, towels, wall art, comforters and so much more. Click the main menu to see all products.

Eucalyptus Wreath Mug

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Stationery Stories Notecards

As my husband and I travelled, I shared stories of the people, cuture & experiences of the cities. After having our son, I got inspired by the world, adding color and textures to my notecards. I also work with clients & retailers to create their branded stationery.

Stationery Stories

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Living Illustrations

Creating art is giving back to our creator. Bible journaling is a wonderful way to bring the bible to life as well as embracing the experience of the word in your own life. There are many books within the bible, so it can be a challenge finding them, so I designed tabs for all 66 books so you can get to work right away. Back when I taught the artform, my students needed a way to carry their supplies, so I created products to assist them whilst they were attending classes & abroud.

Bible Tabs

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History never gets old.

I love that they are bringing back this stunning era in the A&H line. It keeps it alive for me in my home.


So Lovely!

Each piece that I've purchased has brought such a lovely touch into my space. I hope they keep going!


Classic, Classic, Classic

In this fast paced world, I love to slow down & enjoy the elements around me, especially in my home. Artski & Hush are creating such lovely pieces  that truly bring me joy.


My recipients love going to their mailbox!

"I just sent 6 notecards to friends this past week. COVID has sepereated us, so I reach out using my Stationery from Jenny's Stationery Stories' collection.


Artist's Story


Learn about the images I create and other human topics.