Artisan Profiles

Hi there, I am Jenny, also known as Artski. Having the arts in my bloodline, I started drawing on recycled papers with prima colors back in 2006. After years of drawing and not sure how to get my work out in the world, I found digital illustration. That opened the entire world to me. Since "Home is where the Heart is", I found myself looking into home goods to place my work on. I now have married over 50+ illustrations with many products, creating items to fit indoor and outdoor. In 2018, the nickname "Hush" came into our lives and we knew we had to do something with it, "it's too funny not to share with the world". We played with the word and landed on Artski & Hush, inspired by Startski and Hutch, the television show back in the '70's. It has no relation, just the sounds. So, that is me. An artist wanting to share my work with the world in hopes to bring class, refinement or whimsy to your home & heart.
With love,
Hi, I am Lance, aka "Hush". My history is mainly technical. I've always been good at creating code to bring programs and sites to life. If I were to have time for a hobby, it would probably be at the potters wheel. I created a few pieces back in the day and really found joy in the final products. When I realized it wasn't going to make a living, I gravitated to computers. From websites, to apps, I've created them all. Why "Hush"? I am a very social person, even at work, I like to be very detailed in my work, explaining my thought process. My group came up with nicknames, as we had same name employees and had to find a way to differentiate each other. I was named, Hush. Upon sharing it with my wife, Jenny, she knew it had to turn into something. 
That's it for now! We hope you enjoy our work!