Baby Nursery for Pottery Barn Employee in Lutz, Florida. 2 birds for 2 children.

Home Staircase for our home in Tampa, Florida. I designed the stencil to create the pattern I was going for.

Mary Bryant Elementary School Hallway for students' Art display in Tampa, Florida. The students showcased their artwork around the turkey's head, so he looked like he was peeking through their work.

Harborside Church Offices in Clearwater, Florida. I was able to carry the navy into the mural to tie the two walls together. There are 5 fronds to represent "Grace".

Faux Industrial wall in the Artski & Hush Studio in Odessa, Florida. We want our home to look like it's been here for years!

Golden Vines in our Master Bathroom. I wanted a wallpaper but couldn't find one. So, I grabbed some gold paint & put on some music!


"Busted Cribs" Youtube Channel, Home Bathroom, Palm Harbor, Florida. She wanted a surprise for her guests.


Frisky Floral in our first stairwell in Tampa, Florida. A lovely guide as you're going on your way.