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SALTY TOES EATERY Your towel covered in sand, your skin sticky from the seawater, lotion making you shimmer and the heat has warmed you. It is now time to visit the Salty Toes Eatery for a refreshing libation and a fresh seafood meal. Welcome to the Salty Toes Watercolor World. The original art is watercolor, I then create a collection of images for products to fill your space bringing the world to your room.


The Sailboat Throw Pillow

Sailboat Throw Pillow

The wind blowing in your hair and the salty air rushing across your skin.

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Palms Sherpa Blanket

While snuggling up in this blanket, you can dream of being under the palms in the sand.

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Salty Toes on Canvas

You can feel the sun,sand & sea just looking at it.

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Shingles Lumbar Pillow

Though wood does not pair well with wood, these shingles adore the salty air.

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