The History Behind the Illustrated Calendar.

Hi guys,
Here's the history behind the calendar.
The loss of life tends to put things in a different perspective. In my case, my grandmother went home in October of 2016 and while going through her sketch books, saw me and my processes throughout the entire book. Giving me confirmation of who I am and in the direction I was being led by the Lord.
With that said, with honor, I continue her watercolor floral calendars by adding a bit of myself to them. My art form is illustrating with inks, so I'm combining her watercolor florals with my ink illustrations.
Her last calendar on the top row.
Some of my illustrations below to compare.
One of her calendars with my illustration on it for 2017.
My beautiful Grandmother.
Potential calendar illustrations.
What's really amazing, is that she will be teaching me how to watercolor through her sketchbook even after she's gone home. There are years of her thoughts and processes in the book and I can't wait to dive in!
With Love,

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