Living Illustrations' Remaining Products

The second brand I created back in 2016
was inspired by the Living word.
Living a life, I only dreamed of in my youth, came to fruition when I said, Yes. Yes to God healing me, teaching me & guiding me in my life. I created these products to remind us daily of how truly awesome our Father is and what He can do for you, if you just lean in.
Bible Journaling is a wonderful art that gives back to God. Living Illustrations consists of tote bags and small pouches. The tote to carry your bible and pouch. The pouch to carry your bible highlighters, pens, and washi tapes. 
I have limited quantity, so grab yours today!
There are three images for the totes: 
By Any Other Name:
Quantity Remaining: 3
Whoopsy Daisy
Quantity Remain: 7
Busy Bee 
Qty remaining:  3
Bible Journaling Pouches
These cuties carry all of your tools for creating. They come in two colors, cream or black. 
Quantity remaining:
Cream: 9
Black: 2
But, wait, there's more!!

Bible Tabs! 

I really have a passion for our Father and for my sisters in Christ. For it took me hours to punch out all 132 tabs for all 66 books to give you guys another option of labelling your bible. And boy was it worth it! I love the way they turned out!  I no longer have the time to make these, so, I do hope you pick them up, as they are the only ones left. 
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With Love,

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