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Trifolium Arvense Watercolor Card

Trifolium Arvense Watercolor Card

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Hand painted with love. Use in your flower arrangement as a gift, then frame to keep the memory alive.

Size: 5" x 9"

Trifolium arvense, commonly known as hare's-foot clover,[1] rabbitfoot clover,[2] stone clover or oldfield clover, is a flowering plant in the bean family Fabaceae. This species of clover is native to most of Europe, excluding the Arctic zone, and western Asia, in plain or mid-mountain habitats up to 1,600 metres (5,200 ft) altitude. It grows in dry sandy soils, both acidic and alkaline, soil with dry-mesic conditions[3] and is typically found at the edge of fields, in wastelands, at the side of roads, on sand dunes, and opportunistically in vineyards and orchards when they are not irrigated.

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