The Story of the Ocean Life Series
I was approached by a women whom loves the beach and all of the living things in it...who wouldn't, we live in Florida! She requested some products, mainly pillows of said creatures. So, off I went to find some images with the right angle, coloring and feel for each one. 
After finding the right image, I then proceed to draw the image while looking at it, incorporating every detail.
And if there is something you would like to see, don't hesitate to ask!
The Story of :The Vintage Circus Tent Illustration
With the Barnum & Bailey circus now a part of our history, it becomes more of a special memory.
The world still loves the imagery that made up the circus. Here at Artski & Hush, we are inspired by
the vintage era, circa 1940’s. We see a theme or image that inspires us and we add our vintage twist to it.
If you read the article in the WOW, World of Westchase-NW, magazine, November 2018 issue, you know that I am very
connected to my son. A large part of our connection is through video games, not surprisingly, another
art form if you’re coming from the game designer perspective. So, my little was playing the game, “Sly Cooper”
whilst I watched, assisted & encouraged. The game itself is beautifully drawn. To make it interesting, Sly
ventures to many different worlds, one being a renaissance era with a huge circus tent. The second I saw it, the inspiration hit. BAM!
 Right then and there, I began drawing, adding a few whimsy and vintage touches. And wala, a illustrated circus tent!
An Artski & Hush worthy image. This image is actually my husband's (Hush), favorite one. 
Remember: Inspiration is Everywhere!!