Wrap It Up!

Hi guys,
Ok, I have to be honest. I haven't wrapped a gift in years. Well, for at least a year, this year. So, my creative side has been working on other outlets. 
But there's still Christmas! So, let's wrap this year up in a high note! 
I went looking, I went searching...ok, it wasn't hard. I was on Pinterest, and found really unique ways to make your gifting stand out. So, let's get to it!
One color I saw a lot of, and honestly it didn't surprise me, with the modern farm style all the rave, is black. I am a huge fan of this trend and I love that Christians are at the center of it, spreading the light out into the world. 
The greenery, bells, hand written and hand-drawn sparkles really make this design feel special. It makes me think of a golden evening by a fireplace, sipping hot cocoa.
For those who don't normally visit craft stores, well here's a great reason to. Look at these stunning illustrations on plain black wrapping paper. It saves you money from having to purchase ribbon and gift tags and gives you an opportunity to share your talent with your gifted. 
Ok, seriously...this is so totally cute!! And because of the neutral tone of corkboard, these git tags/decorations work on the monochrome gifts beautifully. Ok, I'm headed out to the craft store for this one!
Now, we move to the lighter side of things, but not leaving out the pop of black. But, now we incorporate a bit more of the old days. Bring on, the "paper bag" paper. It makes me think of when I wrapped my school books in it and drew fun characters to show my personality...Oh, the memories that just flushed in! I love the greenery that ties all of these together...your gifts will not be mistaken. And the cute cut-out tags...that'll make each person feel special for sure!
Ok, for those who love the bling and elegance, here's a treat for the eye. This paper is so simple and so elegant at the same time. I feel it'll fit under any tree. The little paper stars remind me of the "vase fillers" that I found at Target years ago. Who knew they would look so cute on a package as well as in a vase of botanicals. Another thought, I believe any bakers twine would look lovely in this design since the paper is quite neutral. I can't wait to see what you come up with!
Ok, we can't forget the kiddos! Ok, I, too, am a mommy and I know they take most of our time up, but let's get real...we will do anything for our littles, am I right! So, take the time to shop for this one and deal with the all nighter. After all, isn't that smile worth it!
As an illustrator myself, I am very drawn to these designs...pun intended. He he he. Take a peek and let me know our thoughts!
Enjoy designing your gifts and please send me photos of your designs!
Keep creating!

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