The Power of the Closet

 A closet, one room that many don't take seriously. It's a home for the clothing you wear everyday, just hanging on a hanger or folded to be placed into a dark drawer, awaiting for the light to shine on it's face again. But many find the closet a very important space. It holds your identity, who you are. What you wear IS your personality. 


I speak of how the clothing expresses who you are, but there is another very important aspect to it makes you FEEL. 

During motherhood, it is no longer about you. You are put on the back burner and your entire world is dedicated to the new life you hold in your hands. We no longer shop for the nice clothes, as they will undoubtedly will get spit on, or worse. We now buy our clothing where we buy our food. 

Walking into your closet during this time is not the highlight of the day, as your body is changing everyday and you now have many different sizes in one little space. What you wore before pregnancy, will now only fit one thigh. Not to mention, the other tops you purchased, you grabbed just because you had to rush out of the store because the baby wants a nap. 

Fast forward...

Whew! Your child is now functioning on their own and has some independence. You are now back in the spotlight. Time to go shopping! 

You shop, taking all the time you need to find the right fit for your new body. You look in the mirror and smile, saying to yourself, "I'm back!" 

The following morning you walk into the closet, dreading the idea of having to find something that won't fit, cup of coffee in hand, eyes barely open. But wait, no one is calling your name to help pour the cereal, tie a shoe or find a lost crayon. You open the door, and as if a choir is singing with a bright light, you see it. A new selection of clothing that you picked out, that shows your new personality and most importantly, fits you! 

The Power of the Closet.

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