The Hand Written Note

     The first ever 


handwritten letter was thought to have been sent by the 

Persian Queen Atossa in around 500 BC,

 according to the ancient historian Hellanicus. 

Their popularity as a way of sending messages grew 

as more people became literate.


yes, there's a magazine all about notecards, featured me one year, sharing me & my work to the retail world. There is also the NY Stationery Show, held every year in New York City. As a paper lover and notecard designer, I ventured out to see what it takes to be a part of a huge show about papyrus. My eyes were opened as I learned about the investment in such an undertaking as getting your product out there. I am an artist, not so great of a business person, so it had no appeal to me. But, I love my paper and continue to design in my studio for those who enjoy a pen in their hand.

Speaking of...


Baby Carriage 

Golden Seals 





Emerald Bee 



inspired by yesteryear 
& framed in a golden bevel.

To sweeten the vintage vibe, wax seals are also 
available. Being an artist, I love seeing how 
my work brings products to life. My wax 
seals are my illustrations in wax. There's a 
nice selection of colors choices to choose from.

Handwriting a note or letter, is becoming a lost art. It seems 
the world is inpatient, not taking the time to slow down. 
We wonder what it was like, maybe in the age before electricity. 
You would think of a person, walk to the papyrus shop, 
find the right card, write the letter, add a 2 cent stamp 
and hand it off to the post man. That feeling is 
I create my notecards. Not only to keep the art alive,
 but to make people feel good that someone is thinking of them.



Two books that I enjoy:

The Art of the Handwritten Note




A papier enthusiast, surrounds oneself with all things paper, including the typewriter. My functions beautifully, just needs a good cleaning.



I am in hopes of having it to use as my ink to get my thoughts to paper.



Thank you for taking the time to read about this lost art. 
I do hope I have inspired you to continue connecting through papyrus.



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