Spotlighting Our Gratitude.

Doors open, fall air visits, sharing the warm scents with each room,

Welcome a new season.
My sweet, sweet kitty slumbers in my grasp…a reminder of simple love and how a gentle touch can soothe the beast.
My tuxedo, Amico
  As we near the time when we share our gratitude, we think on the valleys and mountains that have made us who we are today. I encourage each person to take a moment; if you're doing dishes, changing a diaper (not too long in this case), vacuuming a rug, or singing in the shower; to just pause, step back, 


go further than that.
Snagged from Instagram
Get an aerial view of your life. Start with you and the things you do that make you happy, joyful, excited, loved, sad, touched, encouraged, blessed.
Then move to your neighborhood.
Think of your surrounding environment, nature, smells & people you share the space with, that worn path to the river, the canoe that sits patiently waiting to grace the waters surface in your neighbors yard, Toby doing laps whilst a metal cabin on wheels zooms by, children's laughter soaring off of the playgrounds desire to entertain.
Next,  Your Family.
Me & My Boys
How each one hugs, says goodbye as they venture out into the world, becoming them, experiencing new things, seeing old friends, tasting their favorite flavors…those little details that make life special and uniquely ours...leading and guiding us on our own personal journey to find ourselves. 
Your Routine.
Is there a favorite scent that starts your day that comes from a fragrant bottle or a cup, a tree on your route that inspires you to take the time in the details, a person that is running just because they can, a view from your office window bringing you a bit of peace from the busyness. 
Last, but quite important & meaningful:
Your family's Traditions:
Though gathering with the family can be hectic, you smile knowing that you are loved by each one. Trinkets from generations before you, table settings lovingly chosen, relatives, the crazy & quiet ones, tripping on Toby's tail, like last year, Uncle Bob on his favorite chair watching the game. Traditions that make you, well, You. 
Time Flies…Are you having fun?
I hope I have inspired you to take a deeper look. The world is in constant motion, changing & preparing for newness. Enjoy what is out there, well, and what is in You too!
I would love to hear your thoughts and traditions, I encourage you to share them...
share You. Have a blessed & loving Thanksgiving!

In His Grasp,
Jennifer Adabeth

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