In Due Time

A year ago, I stepped into this lovely industrial shop where furniture gets a new life and local artisans can show their talents. That is where I found that special piece that would bring me joy every day, more than once. A cabinet, living since the 1940's, be still my heart. She's been made over by an artisan, making sure to keep those special traits spotlighted, knowing someone with a passion for the era would fall in love with it.. 

Front and center, she stood in the entryway of this lovely location, and she stole my heart instantly. Quietly hoping she would fit into my vehicle, I headed towards the counter to claim her as mine. 

Fast forward a few months, and I began working with the cabinet builder to make sure she has a home. Now, in our new home, she shines daily in her glory and smiles as we pass.

Because of that piece of history, I now have a unique connection to the wonderful shop in a quaint, historic town. So much so, that it was on my heart to be a bigger part of this said shop. I reached out inquiring as to their collection of products. Being a local artisan, I wanted in. A year later, since finding said piece, I am setting up my own talents in this quaint and lovely shop. 

A new adventure awaits!

Want to see my story in real life? Head over to One Amazing Find, in Tarpon Springs, FL. They are on main street and will be happy to see you!

Want to visit us locally?
Come on in to the historically built shop,
"One Amazing Find" located in the antique district
 on main street in Tarpon Springs.
106 E Tarpon Ave, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689
Phone(727) 940-8632

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